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The Core Challenge is for any organization that wants to improve the health and fitness of their employees. Studies show that workplace wellness initiatives that include a nutrition and physical fitness program will enhance self esteem and general feelings of well being. Although many nutrition and physical fitness programs are instructional in nature, The Core Challenge goes beyond educational programs by offering the daily adoption of healthy Best Practices for high productivity!

To get things done, you need a clear purpose in life. Every day you can attract the events to live your life with purpose. Every day, there is work to be done. Every minute, there is value to be created. There is great value that can be created at this very moment.

There are problems that can be solved, processes that can be enhanced and endless way to explore yourself and discover your purpose in life. Trust your intuition and choose to take the actions that will turn your goals into real and lasting achievements. Trust your intuition to discover your purpose in life.

Benefit from The Core Challenge

We have done all the work. Now your employees will learn to adopt Best Practices from a wide variety of health and fitness professionals. All this wisdom combined in 100 Best Practices that your employees will adopt day by day to achieve high productivity and creativity.

Important Benefits
  • Increased energy and well-being
  • Improved flexibility and body motion
  • Improved posture and spinal support
  • Improved coordination and strength
  • Relaxed body and mind
  • Improved physical endurance: vitality and productivity
  • Improved mental faculties: concentration and intuition

By taking The Core Challenge, your organization will have the opportunity and the power to improve productivity and creativity. At any time each employee can decide to improve productivity by adopting Best Practices and daily exercise with Master Moves

Based on fundamental techniques from dancing, martial arts, pilates and yoga, Master Moves is a low intensity fitness system designed to achieve natural fitness from the core of the body. What makes this training quite unique and effective is the "hip rotation" from the exercise routines and the incorporation of Best Practices for fitness and prosperity.

Select any of the following options:
Maybe your organization is looking to increase productivity and creativity in all aspect of your business. We can help you do that! The Core Challenge is for any organization committed to make Best Practices part of their everyday activities. If you are committed to set your organization on the path to high productivity and creativity, take The Core Challenge today!




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