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We have built a database of some of the questions sent in to The Core Challenge team, so it is likely that if your question is a fairly broad one on health and fitness then it will be answered here. Simply scroll down and then browse the list of questions.

  • What is the Challenge all about?
    The 100 Day Core Challenge is a health education and behavior change program open to every person willing to to make proper nutrition, health and fitness a top priority in their lives.

    Many people know what to do, but we've discovered that they need an incentive to help them focus.
    Whether you want to make changes in your diet, earn more money or to quit smoking, the Core Challenge will provide you with the information, the structure, and the support to turn your fitness' resolutions into lifestyle changes
  • What comes with this program?
    The Core Challenge "training tools" includes:
    1. The Core Challenge Log (Day by day tracking manual)
    2. Core Training workshops DVD (2 hours training with 5 top fitness experts)
    3. Intuitive Power audio CD (How to Use Your Gut Feelings to Make Better Decisions)
    4. The Body Endurance DVD (Intermediate Core Training workout)
    5. Internet Support (e-books, videos, articles)
    6. The Core Training Book (hard copy)
  • Who much does it cost?
    The registration fee (including your training tools) is US$ 50
    You gain one year access to our online Core Challenge Library (workouts and meal plans, e-books, videos, training manuals and more!) Also, you receive all your training tools to help you win the Core Challenge - day by day.

    In addition, by winning the 100 Day Core Challenge, you are qualified to become a Master Moves fitness trainer, and with your permission, we will share your fitness success in our promotional shows and fitness events.

  • How many times can I take the CORE Challenge?
    You can take the Core Challenge as many times as you want. Consistency is the rod to success.

  • Where can I learn more about nutrition and fitness?
    A: As part of your training tools you will receive the Core Challenge book. Reading this book, you will learn proper techniques for hydration, nutrition, exercise and energy preservation. Each technique is related to the laws of nature, and you will learn how the practice of these techniques can, in turn, enhance the quality of life on our planet. Our integrated fitness approach will help you develop and maintain an optimal level of energy.

    Also, another great source of information is the Mastermoves manual "Your New Body is here!". This is a comprehensive and easy to read source of information about nutrition and fitness. You will learn how to detoxify your body, how to build muscle and burn fat fast through an holistic approach to training and nutrition.

  • Do I have to keep track of my weight or body fat percentage to compete in the Challenge?
    Yes, you must include your weight on the entry form. We suggest you should take your measurements as well. Muscle does weight more than fat and there is more to than just the number on the scale.

    Some people get very fixated on the number on the scale and get discouraged when it doesn't say what they want it to - even though they are healthier, stronger and have more muscle. Body fat percentage is optional. Your manual contains important information on how to set goals and achieve them, as well as providing you with the charts for tracking your daily activities and results.

  • How can I get started if I don't belong to a gym?
    The great thing about The Core Challenge is that you don't need to belong to a gym to exercise your body during this fitness event. The fitness program that you need to practice is Master Moves. This Core Training system includes everything you need to achieve your optimal fitness level and win the CORE Challenge.

  • Do I have to use the Master Moves Core Training system to officially compete in the CORE Challenge?
    Yes, you must use the Master Moves Core Training system every day during your Challenge. Master Moves is a portable and effective fitness system for achieving outstanding fitness results.

  • Do I need to hire a fitness trainer to assist my training?
    Having a fitness trainer is optional. The most important rule is to follow the Master Moves Core Training system, which includes training tools, videos and instructional manual.

  • Is there any age restriction?
    Yes, the Core Challenge is only for adults and seniors.
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